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More Products

Gate Operators and Access Controls
With the popularity of suburban acreage and the desire for security, the subject of gating and access control is becoming more important. Proper thought and planning is extremely necessary in order to have a system that functions as you want and does not waste money. Access control is the broad category for discussion and it should be broken down into three decision topics.

First is the decision on the size and type of gate. Factors that should be considered are size, appearance, amount of use and of course cost. Second is the means of access itself. The range of possibilities runs from manual opening and closing to a fully automated and integrated system involving computer controls. While there is a myriad of combinations, the final choices need to fit the purpose of the gate, the convenience for the users and the ability of the user to maintain the system. Third is the area of exit controls. While often forgotten the means of exit is every bit as critical as those of entry.

Lifetime Fence Company can discuss these issues with you and suggest options. Lifetime Fence has experience primarily in the residential market but we can handle industrial and commercial applications as well.

Railroad Ties and Landscape Timber
Used primarily for retaining walls, this type of timber is a specialty at Lifetime Fence Company. We have three grades of railroad ties with four pricing points plus large 6x6 landscaping timbers. Grading of the ties is what determines the cost and in some cases the uses. A railroad tie is just what the name implies; it is a 6x8x8 piece of wood used by the railroads to support the steel tracks. All the ties are used - that is they have come from an area where track has been removed or replaced.

We have two types of our top grade tie. One is oak and the other is fir or a soft wood. Most ties you see are hard wood or oak, they are extremely hard to work with. The softwood ties come from Canada , usually, and are easier to cut and nail. Most contractors prefer the softwood for this reason.

Listed below is an explanation of the grading along with some suggestions for typical application.

Number 1 Grade
Uniform size with at least 3 good sides. No more than 1/4" plate wear and minimal splitting on ends.
Retaining walls, flower beds, decorative landscaping where appearance is important. Our number one ties are available in both oak and fir. Call for updated pricing.

Number 2 Grade
Uniform size with at least 2 good sides. No more than 1/2" plate wear with some split ends.
Same as number 1 grade plus lining of driveways, shoring, out building foundations and uses where appearance is not critical. Call for updated pricing.

Number 3 Grade
Poor uniformity with only 1 good side, deeper splits and cracks with rounded edges.
Target range backing, skidding, driveway lining, applications where appearance does not matter. Call for updated pricing

Landscaping Timbers
These timbers are new wood, milled and treated specially for retaining walls and landscaping. This timber is a soft wood species that is incised-treatment is injected rather than pressured into the wood. The size of these timbers is 6x6x8 and Uses
Retaining wall or landscape application where appearance is important and ease of construction is important. ​.

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